Dealing with Vaginismus

Diplomthesis 2022
Supervised by Prof. Dipl.-Des. Stephan Schulz and Dipl.-Des. Maria Konschake
In collaboration with Indeed Innovation GmbH and Eis GmbH

Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction that causes the involuntary conraction of the pelvic floor muscles. This contraction occurs in anticipation of penetration and makes penetrative sex impossible, as well as gynecological examinations or the use of tampons.

Between 5 and 17% of women in clinical settings suffer from this disorder. This wide range may be due to the lack of specialists and research. The attitude towards women who suffer from vaginismus is often very hostile. “Have a drink” or “You’e imagining things” are sentences they often have to hear in the consulting room.

My treatment proposal aims to combat the stigma that surrounds female sexual dysfunction and the frequent rejection that patients experience towards their bodies.

This consists of three phases: The first focuses on normalising stimulation and sexual situations, the second on reducing the original body, its different parts and its ability to stimulate, and the third phase on reducing the dilations that occur during physiotherapy. Four products have been developed to support these three sub-phases.

Photos: Sara R. Scholl